About us


Welcome to Pistol Creek Outfitters (“PCO”) located in the very remote 2.4 million acre Frank Church Wilderness hidden deep within Central Idaho on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. We specialize in guided, traditional, fair chase wilderness hunts focusing on Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear. Our hunting concession consists of approximately 300 square miles (Unit 27) of pristine, game rich back country reached only by our private airstrip serviced by charter aircraft. From our main lodge, we travel to and from our high elevation spike camps and hunting areas by horseback allowing you access to wild and untamed habitat where most game have never seen mankind. Our knowledgeable, trusted and experienced guides and staff, who know our country well, will provide you an honest opportunity at a true wilderness hunt in the most remote area in the lower 48 and an experience of a lifetime.

Hunters should plan on arriving the afternoon before their scheduled hunt begins. This will allow the opportunity for: settling into the lodge, sighting in rifles to ensure accuracy, taking a brief tour of the immediate areas, and conductance of the orientation/safety/rules meeting between guides and guests. The first meal served during your stay will be dinner this first evening and you will then get 3 squares a day including breakfast the morning you leave. You will be well fed during your stay by our dedicated and experience lodge/camp cooks. Expected departure is the morning after the last day’s hunt.

Depending on the time of year and the weather conditions, you may be spending the week hunting out of either our comfortable lodge or one of our high elevation spike camps. Based upon our expert guides’ instincts, game movements and weather conditions, a variety of hunting methods may be employed. Spot and stalk or early season calling (for elk) are our usual methods. The country that we hunt is steep, rugged and untouched by man. We use stock as much as possible, but you still need to be prepared to do some hiking.

You will be hunting with guides who know the country well and are serious about their trade. Their goal will be getting you into a position to maximize your harvest opportunity. Most of our opportunities are from 100-250 yards, but shots up to 300 yards are not uncommon. Many of our shots are made in timber and will require variable magnification scopes with lower (and higher) settings. Similar to any big game hunting, the better physical condition you are in and the more proficient you are with your rifle, the higher chances you have of harvesting your game. Accuracy and shot placement is what counts. Successful hunters will have their harvest packed back to the lodge and stored in our temperature controlled meat hanger. Meat can be coordinated to be transported to a professional butcher in Boise, or taken out with you when you leave the ranch.

We welcome you to take a look at our photos (a picture tells a thousand words), read the testimonials from satisfied guests, and better yet, talk to them to get a better feel of the unique Pistol Creek Outfitter experience. A vast majority of our hunters are repeat guests who have hunted with us many times. Our commitment and goal is to make sure you have an experience you will never forget!