pistol creek outfitters

This is a hunt you’ll never forget!

Welcome to Pistol Creek Outfitters

Located in the remote 2.4 million acre Frank Church Wilderness in Central Idaho, we specialize in guided fair chase wilderness hunts focusing on Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, and Black Bear. Our hunting concession consists of approximately 300 square miles (unit 27) of pristine game rich backcountry on the wild and scenic Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Our private airstrip is served by several charter operators enabling an efficient and convenient transfer. From our main lodge, we travel by horseback to our well-equipped high elevation spike camps and hunting areas, located deep within wild and untamed habitat where most game have never seen mankind. 

Our trusted and experienced guides will provide you with an honest opportunity for a traditional hunt in the most remote wilderness of the lower 48. Their knowledge of and passion for hunting will make this an experience of a lifetime. This is a real hunt, one you will never forget!

Hunting in the Frank Church Wilderness is one of the most diverse, wild and natural environments I have ever experienced. I hunted with the expert, tough as nails guides at PCO for 12 consecutive years, harvested 12 amazing Elk, many deer, wolf and have had some of the best wilderness experiences of my life.

Michael Narachi | Santa Ynez, CA

My first experience elk hunting took place at Pistol Creek Outfitters in 2005 - I have become a passionate elk hunter ever since that time based on that trip. There are so many defining elements to the experience that any list of memories is incomplete - the rugged beauty of the Frank Church Wilderness as it rises steeply from the roaring rapids of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, the reverberations of elk bugling in the endless draws and canyons, the unrelenting rhythmic gait of horses under saddle (and mules in tow) as you search for big bulls, the warm yellow glow of the cook tent in the frosty darkness of wakeup call at spike camp, the camaraderie born of endless hours of being in one of the world's most beautiful places with great friends old and new - and the best guides on the planet, the jubilation of putting your warm bare hands on the cool ivory horns of your hard won trophy amidst this most dramatic of nature's stages. This is an experience not to be missed and once had, never forgotten. You will be humbled, inspired, exhausted, ecstatic, pushed to the limit, filled with discovery about both yourself and the world you live in. Money can buy you big elk and an easy hunt anywhere in the world - do that after you have had the ultimate experience of taking on elk on their terms, on their turf, the way it was always meant to be.

Ned Brown | San Francisco, CA

There is only one way to describe Pistol Creek Outfitters and the Frank Church Wilderness and that is Wild and Remote. The FC gives you an opportunity to forget about your worries back home and focus on living and hunting in a true wilderness setting. Pistol Creek Outfitters is first class all the way. They are very organized and prepared. Good livestock, spike camps and equipment. The guides are experienced and responsible. I have hunted with Pistol Creek Outfitters for over 20 years and have enjoyed some of my most memorable hunting experiences with them.

Dwight L. Merriman | Vail, CO

I have hunted several times over the past 15 years with Pistol Creek Outfitters. My hunts have provided excellent opportunities for an abundance of game including deer, elk and bear. The experience of the guides, the quality of the stock, the excellent organization yet relaxed atmosphere have made the trips truly unforgettable. I look forward to returning and creating new memories with my son.

Theodore Smyth | Santa Barbara, CA

I have hunted with Pistol Creek Outfitters three times and have never been disappointed. The whole experience was outstanding!! Beautiful scenery, great guides and unparalleled hunting. Being as remote as the hunting unit is, the animals see very little or no hunting pressure. I harvested two six point bull elk and a great 4x4 muley in three years with many more opportunities to take other elk, mule deer and bear. Hunting in the Frank Church Wilderness area is an experience of a lifetime. I can only hope to get an opportunity to hunt Pistol Creek Outfitters again in the near future.

Tim Farrell | McCall, Idaho

Upon setting out on my first elk hunt in the Frank Church Wilderness, I was immediately hooked! While ascending the rugged mountains on horseback, I was captured time and again by the breath taking views offered in the wild and untouched wilderness area. The professional and friendly guides at Pistol Creek Outfitters impressed me with their skill set and diverse knowledge of everything related to the native wildlife, hunting/stalking strategies, horsemanship and navigation of the vast and challenging terrain. The guides did an excellent job of getting me into position where I would enjoy a successful hunt, harvesting both a bull and a buck on my first trip. My second trip with PCO was a repeat performance of my first, again harvesting a bull and a buck. I’ve already booked my third trip with PCO and I look forward to many more years of hunting in the unrivaled backcountry of the FCW!

David Carder | Scottsdale, AZ